Friday, April 21, 2006

Simply beautiful

This is a beautiful song accompanied by a beautiful video. I wanted to share it with all of you, because it seems to be a celebration of simple love; like a child's love for teeter-tottering, which makes you feel a bit more like a bird, the jumping of your insides that take you a little closer to heaven.

"If she sees me on her way, Hallelujah, then forever in love we'll stay, Hallelujah. When she meets me with her tears, Hallelujah, I will give to her all my years. I won't shush her when she whines, Hallelujah, I won't ditch when trouble finds, Hallelujah."

The background is mountainous and moonlit, which gets me even more excited for my cycle-tour to Vancouver Island.

Thanks to
Ben for introducing me to this website, where there are some fantastic videos of Sigur Ros, (as close as you can get to live!) Feist, (very cute video) and others. Here's to music videos on blogs, and discovering bands like Viking Moses!

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Mark said...

Thanks for the links Jen.

I've known about YouTube for a while, but silly me, I never thought to look for music videos. Good job on the thinkingness.