Friday, January 12, 2007

suos, cultores, scientia, coronat

Things have changed just a wee bit as of late. I'm a married woman, I'm a resident alien (and yes that's a technical term), and a student again. To the left you will behold my very own Syracuse University student card. This shiny little card allows me access to books, weights, and vast stores of knowledge. Three of my favourite things.

You may also behold the new labels on my blog entries: Wired Magazine's technology hound, Eugene B. Blognerd, says "these easy to use little titles allow you to search for your favourite posts from the room for rambling archives. All at the click of a mouse!"

(Eyeroll. My husband is now really hoping I get enrolled in a course soon, and have something to do other than pester him with my giddy, nerdish moods.)

The otherwise boring drive down here was full of exciting distractions:
Successfully crossing the border as a legal unit, a new travel mug (c/o Caribou coffee), fudge (c/o Illa), Lord of the Rings read by a grandfatherly British man, and catnaps (c/o grandfatherly man). But the award for "ultimate best time on road trip #2 to Syracuse" goes to sheep, who make me laugh more than any other animal. When you pet them, all of their wool and skin moves like a massive turkish rug draped heavily over their backs. It's delightful. (Thanks Todd and Anna-Ruth.)

So the ring on my finger now means a whole lot more than "I'm getting married." It translates to memories of the 29th and before, companionship, committment, shared laughter, and to spousal benefits at a great university. Not to mention having someone to share hummous and tabbouleh at meditteranean restaurants with. As we said to each other this morning: Well, here we are on a new adventure.


Steve & Gillian said...

So you would like a cat. WHO can blame you!? But you're right, 2 weeks may be too soon to really do the convincing as it sounds as if your husband, like mine, is not inclined toward the feline purrrsuasion! But don’t worry, it only took me a year, four months and 5 days to convince Steve that a cat would make a great addition to our little family. Press on sista! And congratulations on your Alien Status and your marriage.

Anna said...

You said HUSBAND!!!!! So fun!!

Good to hear from you friend- I miss you tons (tonnes?)...

By the way, Corey told me where Palestine was.

Love you lots, and keep up the blogs,

adam said...

I'm loving the labels...and it's great to hear you're safe and sound.