Tuesday, October 10, 2006

we'll drop these bags and search no more

[Thanks to the Wailin' Jennies for that title.]

i am finished for now. finished with being crammed into small spaces, moving at high speeds with large groups of complete strangers. the novelty of travel fades;
planes become buses become trains become
the mundanity of the everyday car.

but along those roads, and beyond these skies
are the voices of those I have strained to remember,
and the mud on my shoe is thicker than before, and
my feet carry me
further back
than I ever thought possible.

there have been too many pasts,
words (now etched mockingly
on a cold computer screen)
used to pass between us
now it is me--wondering how you're really doing,
wondering what you're doing at all
wondering if you wonder the same.

i am finished for now, but i will always keep moving.
never further from those i've known,
please, i beg, let me come to you again and again.
i need your voices,
your dirty shoes,
even your coldest words,
that render me loved.

[pictures to come]


Anonymous said...

Jen, you are loved, greatly by all of us.

adam said...

i miss hearing these kinds of thoughts, keep up the blog, i'm addicted!

Marla said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. There really is nothing like being constantly on the move to make you appreciate being stationary - even just for a little while!

Speaking of which, when are you coming back to Vancouver?