Saturday, September 09, 2006

das capitals

it seems as if i've switched, in the last few entries, to titles beginning with lower-case letters. maybe i'm feeling as though what i have to say lately is less important. maybe it's a confidence thing. maybe it's an aesthetic thing, but i've noticed that more and more people are jumping on this anti-capital bandwagon.

and then i thought, maybe it's a poet thing.

yeah, that could be it, because it's so much prettier to write poetry that fits along a single line and doesn't just out into the white space above, exerting itself like some kind of primadonna.

so there i go, reading into things that probably don't matter much at all, in the wide scope of things. but that is writing, that is criticism, and that is poetry. without them we would be stuck in the present. trapped in the constant momentum of
doingdoingdoing. never stopping to ponder. never possessing the ability to look back. never wrapping our fingers, sticky with the present, around the world whizzing past us.


karen said...

i find i use capitals less and less as well, and have also wondered why. i never thought of it as a confidence thing, more i think the influence of instant messaging and need for speed. but who knows? poetry is a better reason.

jm said...

e.e. cummings avoided caps in the spelling of his name... maybe it is a poetry thing. either way, it simplifies.

very nice post, jen... isn't it funny that you have people with you, following you across the globe, through your blog? you're never alone as a blogger-poet. keep posting.

Jen said...

Ah, love to be compared to him! "the rain has such small hands."