Sunday, March 19, 2006

Egomaniac slide show

The pictures seemed to go over well last time (hooray for you faithful commentors!) so I decided to throw some more on. I've recently purchased a digital camera and can now share a bit more of my life with all of you! (It also helped that I had a resident photographer visiting.) So here's a peek at how I spend my days out on the West Coast...

"There used to be a bridge here!"

even bikes need some lovin'

gazing out over False Creek

the gardens at UBC

Catching a downtown sunset

sitting on the driftwood

Breathing in the cedars

Sippin a JJ Bean java at Granville Market

Well how did this one sneak in! Ok I promise, no more cheesy pictures. I couldn't resist, the composition on the left side was just so exquisite...

Sometimes just the presence of another person can be a vacation in itself, a time of rest, a time for renewal and a break from the regular patterns of our life. Sometimes you don't need exotic foods or a plane ticket, for another soul is enough to grab you by the wrists--as if you were a child swinging between grown-ups on a warm summer night's walk--and throw you to the sky. Monday faces me with promise and the gift of chosen solitude; with words to be written and plans to be settled. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said that Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week. Mondays would then be the first few pages, possessing the power to set you on your course for the week, to reel you in or turn you off, to push you with gusts of possibility forward into all those days not yet lived. Enjoy it folks.


Mark said...

CHEESY! How on earth is that last picture cheesy?

It just looks Jimmy-Dean-Cool, if you ask me. And if that's not reason enough to include the picture, then I don't know what reason could be.

Brendan Ritchie said...

I would say more dramatic than cheesy. It is a really nice pic. DEFINITELY NOT James-Dean-Cool. Hair is too long, and Mark, I am sorry, but your eyebrows are not raised in a sort of bored cool guy expression.

Jonathan said...

As a good friend of Mark's, I have to agree that he is 'Jimmy Dean' cool. Although given the choice between his mug and the original JD, I think I'll have to go with the raw sausage.

The backdrops are nice though ;-)

Jen said...

and thank goodness for the backdrops...